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Suicide Prevention...
Pulling Soldiers Out of the Rabbit Hole of Depression!

The Power to Find Your Way Out of the Dark Places That Can
Take You Out!

Good Soldiers Suffer in Silence...
Teaching Them to Conquer Kryptonite!

The Art of Recognizing the Enemy You Didn't Expect!

How to Focus on the Mission when Life is Coming at You Sideways!

The Knowledge That Being Strong Doesn’t Make You Immune from the
Challenges of Life!

Working with Soldiers and Veterans...
Getting Them to Talk about Their Pain! (For Clinicians)

Learn the Secrets to Creating an Environment Where Soldiers and Veterans Can Begin to Open Up…
Even if YOU Never Served!

Good Police Officers Suffer in Silence...
Who Do We Talk To?

The Power of Taking Care of Officers Who Take Care of a
Thankless Public!

Richard ignites an amazing buzz of energy,
empowerment and call to action that generates lasting and positive change.


One book to save many lives!
On the hottest Military Topic today so your Soldiers can stay focused, stay safe, and STAY ALIVE!

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You will get the added value you deserve. And your team will dig deeper, laugh harder and gain more insight into themselves and others than ever before!

It is definitely time for your Soldiers to stop Suffering in Silence when it comes to keynote speakers!

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