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If you want a powerful message without the slideshow, motivation without the rah-rah, interaction without the silliness, and an expert without the ego—-then Richard Doss is the PERFECT motivational speaker for you. 

Richard Doss – Bio

Richard Doss is a game-changing clinical psychologist who is a military expert on suicide prevention and resiliency. His rare blend of humor, substance, and style has made him a sought-after military speaker. Spoken to over 20,000 Soldiers and Veterans. Army-trained Suicide Prevention Expert. Award-winning Speaker. Respected author.  Great Stories that help make the point. You don't just hear his stories, you feel them. Master of Conversation and Connecting with Audiences. Years of Experience working with Soldiers and Veterans. Excellent evaluations from Soldiers and Commanders on After-Action Reports. Tracked an 89% reduction in completed suicides at his last command. Later received the Civilian Medal of Honor for his work with Soldiers.

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You definitely won’t find another keynote speaker like Richard!

And your audience? They’ll thank you for that over and over again as they build resiliency.  Life skills.  Leadership skills. Communication skills. Mindsets. Ready to learn more?